Negocios Infernales is Acquired By Outland!

Carlos and I have GREAT NEWS! The fabulous people at Outland Entertainment have acquired our Table Top Role-Playing Game. It’s a GM-less, diceless, cooperative storytelling game, set in an alternate world called Gloriana (kind of like Spain in the breath before the Inquisition), and it uses a bespoke deck of 70 cards we created with art by Rebecca Huston! To receive our Infernal Newsletter, sign … Continue reading Negocios Infernales is Acquired By Outland!

Salissay’s Laundries: Research Tabs (and Teasers)

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I’m having so much fun writing Salissay’s Laundries–or maybe, I should say, researching it–that I must simply share all my currently opened tabs on the subject. FOR POSTERITY. I’m currently almost 5000 words in, and probably just about halfway done. It will be one of the three new stories in my Dark Breakers collection, along with “Longergreen” and… Continue reading Salissay’s Laundries: Research Tabs (and Teasers)

The State of the Game: Negocios Infernales, a New Build!

Carlos and I have been working on the instruction deck—“La Baraja de Consejos”—to accompany our oracle deck “La Baraja del Destino” for our game Negocios Infernales. The seven sets of instructions are _almost_ done. We also want to add in an affirmation deck at the beginning of Consejos. Something like “You, player, are great! You can’t be wrong! When in doubt, trust the cards! The … Continue reading The State of the Game: Negocios Infernales, a New Build!

Join us for GHOULSPEAK!

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Join the creators of GHOUL vol. II—an art zine with campy-horror vibes—for a reading of poetry, short stories, & an artists’ process talk! About this Event Join the contributors of?Ghoul vol. II?for a night of reading campy stories and poetry, talking process (both the artistic process and the business of zine-making), and showing off some really amazing art.… Continue reading Join us for GHOULSPEAK!

This Saturday: Nightmares Unearthed!

Originally posted on C.S.E. Cooney:
Dear Fans of Horror and the Macabre, This Saturday night, March 27th, at 8 PM EST, is my pleasure to host NIGHTMARES UNEARTHED. Join us for a night of delicious dread! We will be summoning the collective perilous powers of six world-class horror writers–Zin E. Rocklyn, Cassandra Khaw, Mike Allen, Daniel Braum, Emma J. Gibbon, and Gordon B.… Continue reading This Saturday: Nightmares Unearthed!

Three Cards from the Negocios Infernales Deck Used to Write This Poem

New Poem! “Plenty of Room”

Plenty of Room—for Claire, 1/20/2021 Bone and air,my beautiful body,how I miss you,how I am you,how I unbecome you. How I mend youwith stints and circuits.How I die, piecemeal.How I watch myself withan ice sculpture’s ruedeliquesce.How I strugglefor balanceone-footedon time’s steel wire,a wild umbrella in my hand.How I forget to breathe and remember to breathe.That’s where love lives,in the breath,right next to the rosesand the … Continue reading New Poem! “Plenty of Room”

Break the Wheel that Would Break You

  Amal and I try to talk on Mondays, and for the last two weeks we’ve been drawing cards to see if they inspire fiction or poetry. We usually give ourselves 10 minutes or less to write. One week ago, we used Negocios Infernales cards. Yesterday, we used Dixit cards. But last week’s card inspired this quick fiction story-start. I doubt I’ll go further with … Continue reading Break the Wheel that Would Break You