Fran Wilde’s RIVERLAND

The day before my book releases, I’d like to talk to you about… Fran Wilde‘s upcoming MG novel, RIVERLAND! Why? Because its greatness is a particular type of greatness worth teasing out. Let us thread then, you and I! The short version is this: Riverland is going so save some kids (and adults). That’s because it uses fantasy to portray an all-too-recognizable kind of household: … Continue reading Fran Wilde’s RIVERLAND

Boskone 56 Schedule: Carlos Hernandez

Game Editing Format: Panel 15 Feb 2019, Friday 19:00 – 19:50, Marina 4 (Westin) Games need editing too. Editing a game during the development process may be similar to editing a story, but where does that process diverge? How does game editing change depending upon the game medium? What are those points that make game editing different? Who’s involved? And how does the creator and/or … Continue reading Boskone 56 Schedule: Carlos Hernandez

On the Occasion of My 1st D&D Game

Originally posted on C.S.E. Cooney:
On a writing retreat in the Misty Mountains, I mean the Cloudlands, I mean the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, I had an opportunity to play my first game of D&D. Oh, the EXCITEMENT this incited in my Facebook Flist! I haven’t gotten so many approving like-emoticons since getting married! Many people asked me, “What took you so… Continue reading On the Occasion of My 1st D&D Game

Rick Riordan Presents—OR—I Am NOT Throwing Away My… Shot!

It feels weird to be in a position to be helpful to early-career writers. I mean, I’M an early-career writer, despite not exactly being… ahem… the youngest chicken in the coop. But now that I’m part of Team Rick Riordan Presents, I’ve already been asked by many people how I scored a break this big. So I’ll tell you.

Luck + preparation + endless pools of hope + literally cannot imagine not being a writer, therefore could never stop trying.  Continue reading “Rick Riordan Presents—OR—I Am NOT Throwing Away My… Shot!”