Gray Assassin / Infernal Negotiations

Last night, in celebration of Gregory Wilson’s/ Atthis Arts’/ Alligator Alley Entertainment’s Kickstarter for the Gray Assassin trilogy and TTRPG, Greg and Carlos and I–as well as the GLORIOUS TWITCH CHAT–played a skinned version of our own TTRPG “Negocios Infernales!”

Except… we played it in Greg’s fantasy city of Cohrelle.

So fun!

Twitch chat on Greg’s channel all collaborated to contribute their own assassin, REQUIEM. They were an instant favorite! We kept Requiem as an NPC & played them through to their victorious end!

Carlos’s character (Esplanade) tragically died. Mine (Peony) got away with everything. Greg’s (Ranna) went into exile.

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