A Map of Ladies Death & Death Magics I Have Loved & Black Gate Reading!


C.S.E. Cooney

Two things that the wonderful people at Rebellion Publishing (Solaris) offered for me to try for my book-launch week was: a listicle for SciFi Now on any topic of my choosing, and a short piece of Gizmoda’s i09.

Other than blogs–and that one article I wrote for Apex a few months ago–I rarely write non-fiction. It’s this whole new world for me! It takes hours!

For my listicle, I wanted to do something more than “Five Books About Necromancers I’ve Loved” which, you know, has already been done. And also, I don’t read that many books about necromancers. But I do recognize, in my long relationship with fantasy novels, games, and movies, that there were acts of “death magic” (or death-adjacent magic at least) that have come to influence me in ways I haven’t even begun to parse!

So I wrote “Five Death Magics I Have Loved”…

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