Salissay’s Laundries: Research Tabs (and Teasers)

Carlos and I continue to work on our game. Our fiction projects are more separate. He is drafting his novel Thig, whilst I am completing a collection of shorter work called Dark Breakers. The following serves as a sort of bibliography for one of those stories.

C.S.E. Cooney

I’m having so much fun writing Salissay’s Laundries–or maybe, I should say, researching it–that I must simply share all my currently opened tabs on the subject. FOR POSTERITY.

I’m currently almost 5000 words in, and probably just about halfway done. It will be one of the three new stories in my Dark Breakers collection, along with “Longergreen” and “Susurra to the Moon,” as well as the revisions and expansions of “The Breaker Queen” and “The Two Paupers.”

I haven’t done any huge, specific announcements about Dark Breakers yet, or a cover reveal, but that should be coming soon.

But while I’m here, DO let me share! This isn’t the extent of it by ANY MEANS, since I also close tabs when I’m done with them, but here’s today’s sampling:


London Lives 1690-1800: Crime, Poverty, and Social Policy in the Metropolis: Workhouses Article

Workhouses of the Georgian era…

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