Brane-Surfing: Alternate Carlos Hernandezes from Across the Multiverse!

In a recent tweet, Rick Riordan posted:

Everybody in the multiverse is ordering their copies of SAL AND GABI BREAK THE UNIVERSE, so when the book comes out Tuesday, they can post pix of themselves (or maybe even their alternate selves) w/a copy of the book! Will you be joining us? I’ll repost the best!

I can’t compete with Rick Riordan’s alter egos from other universes, but I can participate!

#1: in a more perfect universe, I am a panda who has pandas for hands.


#2: Also in the pandaverse, but a much scarier one. Hoping #salandgabi skip this one!


#3: A universe in which I am entirely red, yet well-read! (Notice the Rick Riordan books in the background!)


#4: No exploration of #SalandGabiBreaktheUniverse would be complete without visiting a universe where I am a pretentious 80s magician wearing tailcoats and a t-shirt!


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